Physician Registration Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
1.2   Questions and Answers

What kind of certificate is required from the CPSO in order to bill the ministry?

In order to bill the ministry you must hold one of the following valid types of certificate from the CPSO  :

  • Independent Practice
  • Academic
  • Supervised Practice of Short Duration
  • Restricted

How do I get a billing number?

A Registration for Regulated Health Professions ( form 3384-83) must be completed and returned to your local ministry office.

How do I get a form?

You can obtain a form through your local ministry office or on the ministry website under the heading Forms Online for Professionals.

Ive graduated, have my independent practice certificate and am working now. Can I work while waiting for my billing number to be issued and bill retroactively?

When you have been assigned a billing number, you may bill retroactively up to six months prior to receiving your billing number but no earlier than the effective date of your certificate.

Now that I have my billing number how do I go about submitting claims?

There are a number of ways in which claims can be submitted (refer to Section 4 - Claim Submissions).

Who do I report my address change to?

Contact your local ministry office. Address changes must be submitted in writing, by fax or mail, signed by the physician.

If I work as a locum may I use the employing physician billing number?

No, you must submit claims using your own billing number.