Physician Payment and Policy Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
2.2   General Preamble (Continued)

Detention (K001) is a time-based service (one unit = a full 15 minutes) that follows another insured service when a physician is required to spend considerable extra time in active treatment and/or monitoring of a patient.

Detention may be payable if a physician spends :

  • more than 30 minutes with the patient providing a minor, partial, multiple systems or intermediate assessment or subsequent hospital visit
  • more than 40 minutes with the patient providing a specific or general re-assessment
  • more than 1 hour with the patient providing a consultation, repeat consultation, specific or general assessment
  • more than 90 minutes with the patient providing a Special Palliative Care Consultation (A945, C945) or a Special Surgical Consultation (A935)

Claims for detention are assessed by a medical consultant on an Independent Consideration basis and should be accompanied by a written explanation.

Detention may not be claimed for time spent waiting for an operating room, x-rays, lab reports, obstetrical deliveries, etc.

Detention-in-ambulance (K101, K111) pays for constant attendance and care of a patient in an ambulance.

Non-emergency Acute Care Hospital In-patient Services

Non-emergency acute care hospital in-patient services include consultations and assessments rendered to registered bed patients on a non-emergency basis and utilize the “C” prefix code. This includes, but is not limited to admission assessments, subsequent visits, concurrent care, and supportive care. For special visits, the “A” prefix codes are to be used, as well as the appropriate premium code.