Claims Submission Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
4.12   Error Codes (Continued)
Indicators :     MRI   Y = Pending Online     N = To Error Report

RMBS Rejects
R01 Missing HSN N
R02 Invalid HSN N
R03 Invalid/Missing Province Code N
R04 Service Excluded from RMBS N
R05 Service DT Prior 880401/PG/ON N
R06 Wrong Provider for RMBS N
R07 Invalid Pay Type for RMBS N
R08 Invalid Referral Number N
R09 Claim Header 2 Missing - RMB N

Eligibility Rejects
EF1 IHF Not Approved on S/D N
EF2 IHF Not Lic. For FSC On S/D N
EF3 Insured Service Excl. From IHF N
EF4 Prov Not IHF on S/D N
EF5 Ins. Srv. Excl. From #991000 N
EF7 Ref. Phys. # Required - IHF SRV N
EF8 'I' FSC Claimed, Non IHF N
EF9 Mobile Site Number Required N
EH1 Srv. Date < Elig. Eff. Date Y
EH2 Mismatched Version Code N
EH4 Srv. Date > Elig. End Date Y
EH5 Srv. Dt. Not in Elig. Period Y
ENB Unregistered Newborn Y
EPA PCN Billing Not Approved N
EPC Patient not Rostered / Rostered to another PCN N
EPD Roster EPD Payment Discrepancy Y
EQA Confirm Registered Spec. Y