Claims Submission Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
4.13   Explanatory Codes (Continued)


O 1 Fee for obstetric care apportioned.
O 2 Previous prenatal care already claimed.
O 3 Previous prenatal care already claimed by another doctor.
O 4 Office visits relating to pregnancy and claimed prior to delivery included in obstetric fee.
O 5 Not allowed in addition to delivery.
O 6 Medical induction / stimulation of labour allowed once per pregnancy.
O 7 Allowed as subsequent prenatal visit - initial prenatal visit already claimed.
O 8 Allowed once per pregnancy.
O 9 Not allowed in addition to post-natal care.

Office and Home Visits

V1 Allowed as repeat assessment - initial assessment previously claimed.
V2 Allowed as extra patient seen in the home.
V3 Not allowed in addition to procedural fee.
V4 Date of service was not a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday.
V5 Only one OVA allowed within a 12-month period for age 19 and under or 65 and over - and one within 24 months for age 20 - 64.
V6 Allowed as minor assessment - initial assessment already claimed.
V7 Allowed at specific re-assessment fee.
V8 This service paid at lower fee as per stated OHIP policy.
V9 Only one initial office visit allowed within a twelve-month period.
VA Procedure fee reduced - consultation / visit fees not allowed in addition.
VB Additional OVA is allowed once within the second year for patients aged 20-64, following a periodic OVA.
VS Date of service was a Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday.


X2 G.I. tract includes cine and video tape.
X3 G.I. tract includes survey film of abdomen.