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Resource Manual for Physicians
4.15   Diagnostic Codes (Continued)

Infections and Parasitic Diseases (Continued)

Other Viral Diseases Mosquito-borne viral encephalitis 062
Other arthropod-borne viral diseases 066
Viral hepatitis 070
Mumps 072
Diseases due to Coxsackie virus :   pleurodynia,
Infectious mononucleosis, glandular fever 075
Warts 078
Other viral diseases 079
Venereal Diseases Syphilis - all sites and stages 097
Gonococcal infections 098
Other venereal diseases (e.g., herpes genitalis) 099
Diagnostic code 100 is for internal use only and should be used when it is requested that the service or diagnosis on the incoming claim be suppressed from verification.
The usage of the code is monitored
Mycoses Ringworm of scalp, beard, or foot 110
Candidiasis, monilia infection - all sites, thrush 112
Histoplasmosis 115
Other mycoses 117
Helminthiases Echinococcosis, hydadid cyst - all sites 122
Taenia or tapeworm infestation - all types 123
Pinworm infestation 127
Other helminthiases 128
Other Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Toxoplasmosis 130
Trichomonas infection 131
Head or body lice, pediculosis 132
Scabies, acariasis 133
Sarcoidosis 135
Other infectious or parasitic diseases 136