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Resource Manual for Physicians
4.15   Diagnostic Codes (Continued)

Neoplasms (Continued)

Benign Neoplasms Lip, oral cavity, pharynx 210
Other parts of digestive system, peritoneum 211
Respiratory and intra-thoracic organs 212
Bone, cartilage 213
Lipoma 214
Connective and other soft tissue 215
Skin (e.g., pigmented naevus, dermatofibroma) 216
Breast 217
Uterine fibroid, leiomyoma 218
Other benign neoplasms of uterus (e.g., cervical polyp) 219
Ovary (e.g., ovarian cyst) 220
Other benign neoplasms of female genital organs 221
Benign neoplasms of male genital organs 222
Kidney, ureter, bladder 223
Eye 224
Brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves 225
Thyroid (e.g., adenoma or cystadenoma) 226
Other endocrine glands and related structures 227
Haemangioma and lymphangiomax 228
Other benign neoplasms 229
Carcinoma in Situ Digestive organs 230
Respiratory system 231
Skin 232
Breast and genito-urinary system 233
Other 234
Neoplasms of Uncertain Behavior Digestive and respiratory systems 235
Genitourinary organs 236
Endocrine glands and nervous system 237
Other and unspecified sites and tissues 238
Unspecified neoplasms (e.g., polycythemia vera) 239