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Resource Manual for Physicians
4.15   Diagnostic Codes (Continued)

Chiropractor (Continued)

Lumbar, Lumbosacral,
Sacroiliac, Coccyx
Acute C07
Chronic C08
Recurrent C09
Non-spinal Articulations Acute C10
Chronic C11
Recurrent C12
Multiple Site Subluxations Acute C13
Chronic C14
Recurrent C15
Spinal Curvature Acquired or postural scoliosis C20
Acquired or postural kyphosis C21
Acquired or postural kyphoscoliosis C22
Acquired or postural lordosis C23
Congenital curvature C24
Sprains and Strain Injuries Cervical, cervicothoracic C30
Thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccyx C31
Lumoscral, sacroiliac C32
Other site articulations C33
Neuritis and Neuralgia Cervical, occipital C40
Thoracic, costal, intercostal C41
Lumbar C42
Pelvic, ileo-inguinal C43
Arm C44
Sciatic Acute C45
Chronic C46
Leg, other than sciatic C47
Discopathic or discogenic C48
Radiculitis Brachial C50
Cervical C51
Lumbar, lumbosacral C52
Throacic (with visceral) C53
Vertebrogenic or pressure C54
General Headache C60
Autonomic nerve dysfunction of organ systems C61
Other conditions (condition must be specified) C62