Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

For information about the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, please see the Ministry Organization Chart [PDF] or the accessible version below.

  1. Christine Elliott, Minister
    1. Robin Martin, Parliamentary Assistant
    2. Effie Triantafilopoulos, Parliamentary Assistant
  2. Helen Angus, Deputy Minister
    1. Fredrika Scarth, Director, Secretariat on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine
    2. Janice Crawford, Director, Legal Services
    3. Joel Montesanti, Director, Policy and Delivery
    4. (Vacant), Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications and Marketing
    5. Lorelle Taylor, Associate Deputy Minister, Health System Information Management and CIO
      1. Greg Hein, Assistant Deputy Minister, Digital Health Secretariat
      2. Health System Information Management
        1. Michael Hillmer, Executive Director, Information Management, Data and Analytics
          1. Vacant, Information Management Strategy and Policy
          2. Aileen Chan, Director, Health Data
          3. Jennifer Bridge, Director, Health Analytics and Insights
          4. Kamil Malikov, Director, Health Data Science
      3. Health Services I&IT Cluster
        1. Karen McKibbin, Executive Lead
          1. Hope Knox, Head, Integrated Health Solutions
          2. Heather Berios, Head, Technology Management Solutions Integration
          3. Karen Hay, Head, Digital Health Solutions and Innovation
          4. Jack Groenewegen, Head, Health Solutions Delivery
      4. Swetlana Signarowski, Head, Project Solutions
      5. Louise Doyon, Head, Business Consulting/Planning Architecture and Financial Management
      6. Liz Hyland, Head
    6. Patrick Dicerni, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy and Planning
      1. Dr. Michelle Acorn, Provincial Chief Nursing Officer
      2. Sean Court, Director, Strategic Policy
      3. Kelci Gershon, Director, Policy Coordination and Intergovernmental Relations
      4. Anne Hayes, Director, Research, Analysis and Evaluation
      5. Joanne Plaxton, Director, Health Equity
      6. Jovan Matic, Director, Health Innovation and Strategies
      7. Allison Henry, Director, Health Workforce Regulatory Oversight
    7. Suzanne McGurn, Assistant Deputy Minister and Executive Officer, Ontario Public Drug Programs
      1. Angie Wong, Director, Drug Programs Policy and Strategy
      2. David Schachow, Director, Drug Programs Delivery
      3. (vacant), Director, Strategy Execution
      4. Eva Roszuk, Director, Assistive Devices Program
    8. Peter Kaftarian, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Services
      1. Cherrie Lethbridge, Director, HR Strategic Business Unit
      2. Teresa Buchanan, Director, Fiscal Oversight and Performance
      3. Shelley Gibson, Director, Supply Chain and Facilities
      4. Jim Yuill, Director, Financial Management
      5. Vacant, Director, Accounting Policy and Financial Reporting
      6. John Amodeo, Director, Corporate Management
      7. Simon Trevarthen, Director, Business Innovation Office
      8. Corinne Berinstein, Director, Health Audit Service Team
    9. Lynn Guerriero, Assistant Deputy Minister and General Manager, Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
      1. David Clarke, Director, Negotiations
      2. Pauline Ryan, Director, Health Services
      3. Bonnie Reib, Director, Laboratories and Genetics
      4. Lynn Tisdale, Director, Claims Services
    10. Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Public Health, Office of Chief Medical Officer of Health, Public Health
      1. Nina Arron, Director, CMOH Operations
      2. Elizabeth Walker, Director, Accountability and Liaison
      3. Clint Shingler, Director, Health System Emergency Management
      4. Jackie Wood, Director, Strategy and Planning
      5. Nina Arron, Director, Health Protection and Surveillance Policy and Programs
      6. Dianne Alexander, Director, Health Promotion and Prevention Policy and Programs
      7. Laura Pisko, Director, Health Improvement Policy and Programs
    11. Melanie Fraser, Associate Deputy Minister, Health Services
      1. Michael Hillmer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Capacity Planning and Capital
        1. James Stewart, Director, Health Capital Investment
        2. David Lamb, Director, Capacity Planning and Priorities
        3. David Lamb, Health Workforce Planning
      2. Brian Pollard, Assistant Deputy Minister, Long-Term Care Homes
        1. Stacey Colameco, Director, LTC Inspections
        2. Michelle-Ann Hylton, Director, Licensing and Policy
        3. Kathryn Pilkington, Director, Special Projects
        4. Michael Robertson, Director, Long-Term Care Homes Renewal
      3. Tim Hadwen, Assistant Deputy Minister, Community, Mental Health and Addictions and French Language Services
        1. Phil Graham, Director, Local Health Integration Network Liaison
        2. Amy Olmstead, Director, Home and Community Care
        3. Nadia Surani, Director, Primary Health Care
        4. Phil Graham, Director, Local Health Integration Network Renewal
        5. Patrick Mitchell, Director, Mental Health and Addictions Policy, Accountability and Provincial Partnership
        6. Ragaven Sabaratnam, Director, Justice, Forensics and Supportive Housing
      4. Melissa Farrell, Assistant Deputy Minister, Hospitals and Emergency Services
        1. Sherif Kaldas, Director, Health Sector Models
        2. Allison Costello, Director, Policy and Innovation
        3. Allison Costello, Director, Health Quality Ontario Liaison and Program Development
        4. Melanie Kohn, Director, Hospitals
        5. Neeta Sarta, Director, Provincial Programs
        6. Alison Blair, Executive Director, Emergency Health Services
          1. Steven Haddad, Director, Emergency Health Regulatory and Accountability
          2. Stuart Mooney, Director, Emergency Health Program Management and Delivery
          3. Steven Haddad, Director, Enhancing Emergency Health Services in Ontario
          4. Nancy Dickson, Director, Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office
      5. Karen Glass, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Implementation
        1. Simon Trevarthen, Director, Business Innovation Office
        2. Kyle MacIntyre, Director, Strategic Implementation Office
        3. Jovan Matic, Director, Health Innovation and Strategies

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