Local Health Integration Network Home and Community Care Services

Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) work with physicians, hospital teams and other health care providers to enhance access and co-ordination for people who need care in their own homes in the community, in supportive housing, or in a Long-Term Care Home. LHINs provide information about care options in your area and help people to:  

  • live independently at home
  • apply for admission to a day program, supportive housing or assisted living program, or certain chronic care or rehabilitation facilities
  • apply for admission to a long-term care home.

LHINs also provide information about local community support service agencies and can link people to these agencies to arrange services.

Local Health Integration Networks coordinate services for seniors, people with disabilities and people who need health care services to help them live independently in the community. Staff at the LHINs provide information and coordinate professional, personal support and homemaking services for people living in their own homes, and for school children with special needs. LHINs also determine eligibility and make arrangements for admission to some day programs, supportive housing/assisted living programs, and to certain chronic care and rehabilitation beds, and to all long-term care facilities.

Whether you are just beginning to explore your needs or are ready to finalize arrangements, your local LHIN can help you:

  • Identify your care needs
  • Explore the options best suited to your needs and personal situation
  • Determine your eligibility for government-funded services and settings
  • Gather information about providers (home, community support services and residential care) in your area
  • Find out how services are delivered
  • Determine the availability of financial subsidies for particular service options
  • Arrange for delivery of government-funded home and community support services
  • Apply for admission to a day program, supportive housing or assisted living program, or certain chronic or rehabilitation beds
  • Apply for and arrange admission to a long-term care home
  • Get on the appropriate waiting lists.

Anyone can make a referral to a LHIN - an individual requiring service, a family member, caregiver, friend, physician or other health care professional. You may contact your Local Health Integration Network directly for information on LHIN home care services, as well as long-term care home applications. LHINs can also give you information about other services in the community that may be of help to you.

There is no charge for any professional, personal support or homemaking service provided through a Local Health Integration Network.

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