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Colonoscopy Interim Reporting Tool

What is the purpose of the Colonoscopy Interim Reporting Tool?
The Colonoscopy Interim Reporting Tool (CIRT) is an easy-to-use, secure web based tool that uploads colonoscopy information from hospitals to the program. It has been built for the colorectal cancer screening program, and it is similar to the Wait Times Interim Reporting Tool. CIRT is an interim tool and enables the capture of required information.

Are there any additional reporting requirements?

Mandatory reporting requirements include :

Why do you need information on all colonoscopies, not just the ones covered by the program?
ColonCancerCheck has designed this program along the lines of other wait times initiatives, such as cancer surgery. This means that if you are a surgeon in Ontario, and doing cancer operations - paid for by the publicly funded system - regardless of whether you do the procedure at a cancer centre, or a community hospital, you/your hospital report to the program. CCO manages the cancer system on wait times and volumes and makes use of this information in planning - including supporting funding requests to the Ministry for more cancer surgery. Without this information, there is no way of knowing how much is being done and where, and where the wait times are longest, etc. Without this information CCO cannot go forward and plan for the system.

What kind of NACRS codes are to be used for reporting?
As part of the longer term, more complete IM/IT solution, the program will be providing specific codes that reflect the coding standards of the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). This will enable reconciliation in future years. More information will follow.

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What if a patient has more than one Indication for Colonoscopy? Which one should be reported?

Submit only the main indication, in this order :

What exactly is Other Screening?
Other Screening is used when a patient has no other indication for the colonoscopy (e.g. when a patient at average risk is having a colonoscopy).

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