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MedsCheck Program Standardization and System Requirements

Mandatory Requirements are effective January 1, 2012 unless otherwise noted.

As the Ontario Government moves forward with expanding professional pharmacy services, advice given to the ministry from the Ontario Pharmacy Council and pharmacy associations suggested introducing standardized formatting to the current MedsCheck program (MedsCheck Annual and MedsCheck Follow-up) to ensure all pharmacists are consistent in the medication management information provided to patients and shared with other health care professionals.

A number of recommendations were identified as enhancements to the current MedsCheck program including the future development of a standardized form. Until such time as the ministry and the Ontario Pharmacists' Association finalize standardized forms, the following policy and system requirements need to be established.

Summary information about the MedsCheck Annual and MedsCheck Follow-up:

MedsCheck Annual + MedsCheck Follow-up medication review
Standardization and System Requirements

Mandatory Requirements are effective January 1, 2012 unless otherwise noted.

MedsCheck Report Format Requirement1
Report Heading:
"MedsCheck" brand must be added to the medication review list on all pages at the top of the page as prominent
MedsCheck medication review list; if more than one page, all pages must be numbered as "page X of Y" Mandatory
Respective headings including "MedsCheck" must appear on all pages; headings may also include the pharmacy information Mandatory

Disclaimer information:

  • to be reviewed with the patient;
  • to appear at the bottom of every page.

MedsCheck is a voluntary program sponsored by the Ontario government. The accuracy of the information in this document depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the patient at the time the MedsCheck was prepared.

The signed and dated MedsCheck demonstrates that both parties have an understanding of the MedsCheck program and the process; the completed MedsCheck may be shared with other health care professionals within the circle of care.

Pharmacy Information Requirement
Pharmacy Name Mandatory
Pharmacy Logo Optional
Pharmacy address Mandatory
If different from the pharmacy address, the name and address location of the MedsCheck appointment must be noted on the MedsCheck medication review list. Mandatory
Pharmacy telephone number Mandatory
Pharmacist's name (who conducted the service) Mandatory
Pharmacist's signature (who conducted the service) Mandatory
Date prepared Mandatory
Patient Information Requirement
Patients first and last name Mandatory
Patient's health card number Optional
Patient's gender (male / female) Mandatory
Patient's date of birth Mandatory
Patient's phone number Recommended
Known allergies and intolerances Mandatory
Does the patient smoke – current user; former user Recommended
Physician Information (primary prescriber) Requirement
Physician name Mandatory
Physician telephone number Recommended
Physician Registration number Recommended
MedsCheck medication review list Requirement
Generic name (Brand name / manufacturer) of prescription and non-prescription medication at the time of the appointment Mandatory
Natural health products; herbal products and others at the time of the appointment Mandatory
One product is indicated per row Mandatory
Strength including concentration; dosage form Mandatory
Quantity Mandatory
Date dispensed Mandatory
How medication is prescribed (directions) Mandatory
How the patient is taking the medication or product (frequency, time of day, with what) Mandatory
Purpose for taking the drug or product (reason for use / indication) Mandatory
Comments and/or special instructions noted by the pharmacist as per discussion with the patient including no action, record discrepancy, medication to continue, if patient was referred to another health care professional, etc Mandatory
Process and Procedures Requirement
The MedsCheck medication review list must be generated at the conclusion of the MedsCheck review session. Recommended
Potential drug related problems identified at the time of a MedsCheck must be followed-up by the pharmacist with a recommendation to the physician regarding the best outcome. Pharmacist to refer to the Pharmaceutical Opinion Program for more information. Mandatory
The final MedsCheck medication review list to be shared with the patient's primary physician. Recommended
When MedsCheck is shared with the patient's primary physician, pharmacist indicates "no action" or "action required" Recommended
The pharmacy software should enable pharmacists to devote most of their time to interacting with patients. Recommended
The MedsCheck documents must be stored electronically (or as a hard copy) when completed and be available for retrieval at a later date Mandatory
Effective date May 11, 20122
Retention of MedsCheck documents and associated records pertaining to the patient record must be kept on site in a readily retrievable format at the pharmacy for a minimum period of ten years or as indicated in O. Reg. 58/11 of the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act. Mandatory
MedsCheck documents must not permit alterations or adjustments once they have been stored. If there is a need to update or change a record, a tracking mechanism of the change including the date and who made the change must be used. Mandatory
Effective date May 11, 2012
The MedsCheck data content should be electronically transferable as updated versions when subsequent medication review sessions are held with the same patient in the future. Mandatory
Effective date May 11, 2012

1Key to requirement categories:
Mandatory: pharmacists must ensure that this requirement is in place on future MedsCheck medication reviews.
Recommended: requirement is recommended to be present however, not all circumstances warrant the element to be permanent.
Optional: requirement is at the discretion of the pharmacy.

2The effective date of May 11, 2012 for storing electronic or scanned documents relating to a MedsCheck aligns with the record keeping requirement under Ontario Regulation 58/11 to the Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act.

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To learn more about MedsCheck talk to your Pharmacist or contact ServiceOntario, INFOline 1-866-255-6701 or TTY 1-800-387-5559