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OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare

For Educators

To make sure as many children and youth as possible benefit from OHIP+, we’ve provided a variety of resources that we encourage you to share with:

  • students (including elementary, high school, university/college students)
  • staff (of schools, universities/colleges)
  • parents
  • university/college student housing officers
  • university/college student health centres

These include:

Fact sheet

OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare Key Facts for Patients and Families [PDF]

Social Media Posts

All posts link to ontario.ca/ohipplus

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Beginning Jan 1, 2018, eligible prescriptions will be covered at no cost for many #uni & #college students #OHIPPlus Starting Jan 1, 2018, eligible prescriptions will be covered at no cost for many #university & #college #students under 25. #OHIPPlus Two smiling male teens looking at a mobile device
#Students, beginning Jan 1, 2018, you can get eligible prescriptions at no cost if you are 24 & under. #OHIPPlus #Students, did you know beginning January 1, 2018, you can save your money! Get your eligible prescriptions at no cost if you are 24 and under. #OHIPPlus Photo of a woman, post-secondary student using an asthma inhaler
The only zero you want this #school year. #BacktoSchool #OHIPPlus OHIP+ will cover more than 4,400 eligible prescriptions at no cost. It is also the only zero you want this school year. #BacktoSchool #OHIPPlus Image of open pill bottles spilled out on the table
Regardless of parents’ drug coverage, all children & youth 24 and under will be covered under OHIP+ #OHIPPlus Are you a parent without an employer drug benefit plan? Do you have a child 24 and under? #OHIPPlus, arriving January 1, 2018, will cover the cost of eligible drug products for your children. Learn more. Vector of two smiling children stand on beautiful hillside side
On Jan 1, 2018, all children & youth in Ontario will be able to get eligible prescription meds at no cost. #OHIPPlus On January 1, 2018, all children and youth, 24 and under in Ontario will get eligible drug products at no cost. #OHIPPlus Diverse group of children walk through field with their arms around each of their shoulders
#UniversalHealthCare is a CDN value. In 2018, ON becomes the 1st in CAN to cover meds for children & youth #OHIPPlus #UniversalHealthCare is a true Canadian value. In 2018, #Ontario will become the first jurisdiction in Canada to cover eligible prescriptions for children & youth, age 24 and under at no cost. #Ontario150 #OHIPPlus Vector graphic of the map of Canada with the province of Ontario highlighted in red. There is a maple leaf with the Ontario 150 logo on it

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For More Information

Call ServiceOntario, Infoline at:
1-866-532-3161 (Toll-free)
In Toronto, (416) 314-5518
TTY 1-800-387-5559.
In Toronto, TTY 416-327-4282
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm


If you have questions about OHIP+ please contact OHIPplus@ontario.ca.