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Ontario Public Drug Programs

OPDP At A Glance

The Ontario Public Drug Programs (OPDP) At A Glance Report was designed with our stakeholders in mind. This report consists of two companion pieces:

  1. OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report
  2. OPDP At A Glance: Data Report

OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report provides quick facts about Ontario’s public drug programs, and OPDP At A Glance: Data Report provides more in-depth, detailed data for analyses. We are happy to receive and evaluate feedback as we continue to improve on the report. Please send feedback to opdpreports@ontario.ca.

OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report

OPDP At A Glance: Snapshot Report is a two-page infographic document that highlights key statistics and major milestones, including changes in policies for the fiscal year.

Disclaimer: For the OPDP At A Glance: Fiscal Year 2016/17 Snapshot Report posted on May 4, 2018, on page 2 under “Opioid Strategy”, the number of pharmacies and towns was reversed. It should read as ‘1,100 pharmacies’ and ‘220 cities/towns’. The current posted report contains the correct information.

OPDP At A Glance: Data Report

OPDP At A Glance: Data Report is a dynamic file consisting of interactive data tables and graphs. Users can choose from a selection of menus to customize their display of data fields, data tables and graphs that update in real-time. The file also provides access to the datasets that support the interactive report:

For additional accessibility support please email opdpreports@ontario.ca.

This publication has been exempted from translation under the French Language Services Act as per O. Reg. 671/92. For the French translation of this publication please email opdpreports@ontario.ca.

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