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Changes To Schedule of Benefits

The ministry needs to ensure that scarce health dollars are focused on the delivery of quality, evidence-based services to Ontarians. While expert bodies provide guidelines, recommendations and reports on the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of medical services, many physicians are not aware of or do not follow current practice standards.

In Ontario, health care spending has continued to rise steadily. Over the past six years, physician activity has been a significant driver of spending, with OHIP expenditures growing at an average rate of 8.6%. This is significantly higher than the growth seen in Ontario’s population (1.1%) and number of physicians (2.4%).

The ECFA strategy supports a shift toward funding for health care based on evidence-based practices. Funding would be directed to those areas demonstrated through evidence to produce the greatest value, without compromising access to health care services established by experts to be medically necessary.

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The ministry is recommending evidence-based targeted changes to the Schedule of Benefits for Physician Services (Physician Schedule) under ECFA. In particular, the Ministry is focusing on reducing expenditures on specific testing and interventions shown to be clinically ineffective or inappropriate.

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