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Quality Improvement: What Every MRP Needs to Know

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has partnered with the University of Toronto Centre for Patient Safety to deliver two-day workshops to 150 Most Responsible Physicians (MRPs). Participants are introduced to tools, techniques and skills necessary to implement quality improvement work.

This training represents direct support for MRPs completing the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) required by the MRP Collaboration Initiative, and will create opportunities to align the MRP QIP with the hospitals' Annual Quality Improvement Plan required under the Excellent Care for All Act.

The University of Toronto Centre for Patient Safety has offered for the past two years a Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Certificate Course, which has provided over 100 physicians with the tools and skills to undertake quality improvement projects. Based on the success of this program, a version has been developed as a weekend-long workshop to support the work of participants in the Most Responsible Physician (MRP) Quality Improvement Program.

For more information : University of Toronto Centre for Patient Safety

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