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Emergency Planning and Preparedness

A Newsletter for the Health Sector

We are pleased to introduce to you the Emergency Preparedness Planner - A Newsletter for the Health Sector. Following two years of success featuring pandemic planning accomplishments, initiatives, and best practices through the Pandemic Planner, we have expanded the scope of the newsletter and given it a new look and feel.

The new Planner will continue to feature and highlight pandemic planning in Ontario, and it will also include and promote health emergency planning and preparedness across the board. From hazard identification to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) planning, and from business continuity to coordinating health services in response to evacuations, the aim of the newsletter is to communicate, engage, support and inform your health emergency management efforts.

The current issue of the Emergency Preparedness Planner, and past issues of the Pandemic Planner are available in PDF format below.

Our readership is important to us and this newsletter is about you and our collective planning efforts, accomplishments and innovative work in health emergency management. To share your ideas for up-coming issues, or to be added to the distribution list, please e-mail us at emergencymanagement.moh@ontario.ca

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Emergency Preparedness Planner

Winter 2014
English  |  French
15 pages | 213 kb | PDF

Spring 2013
English  |  French
13 pages | 232 kb | PDF

Fall 2012
English  |  French
13 pages | 232 kb | PDF

Summer 2012
English  |  French
17 pages | 192 kb | PDF

Winter 2012
English  |  French
22 pages | 440 kb | PDF

Summer 2011
English  |  French
14 pages | 212 kb | PDF

Spring 2011
English  |  French
15 pages | 323 kb | PDF

February 2011
English  |  French
15 pages | 240 kb | PDF


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