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Ministry Status: Routine Monitoring and Engagement

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

On Site Storage Requirements for Casualty Collection Units


  • Storage site must have all boxes intact in one area with sufficient space for deployment

Security And Maintenance

  • All location premises must have a minimum of a lock and key system
  • All location storage must have a minimum of a lock and key system for security of CCU equipment
  • For storage access and safety, keys should be made available to the following individuals :
    1. Site custodian
    2. Manager of facility
  • Access to storage site should be limited to those who have consent from the CEMC, Site custodian or Facility Manager
  • Storage site of CCU should be checked monthly to ensure :
    1. Inventory of equipment is updated
    2. No Hazards (i.e. leakage) have developed
  • Updated monthly inventory checklist should be created and placed with the equipment


  • If equipment is on ground level, ensure equipment is placed on skids that are easily transported by pump truck/ forklift
  • If equipment is elevated, it must be accessible by staircase (handrails on either side), equipment can be hand carried when deployed *
  • If equipment is below ground level, ensure equipment is elevated off floor by skids. Moreover, ensure dryness of floor and no leakages.
  • If equipment placed in trailer, ensure proper transportation vehicle is available to deploy equipment, as well to secure trailer indoors for the winter.
  • Transportation for deployment of CCU should be made available in case of an emergency


  • Boxes with seals must not be opened unless deployed in response to emergency (to preserve lifespan of equipment)
  • Any equipment broken or damaged should be reported to the Emergency Management Branch (EMB) of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
  • Avoid having equipment around direct hazards (i.e. Water Pipes, Furnace)


  • Refer to Operational Guidelines for Casualty Collecting Unit Deployment document


  • Each CEMC should have a copy of a standardized agreement for the custodial care and responsibility of the CCU in a municipal location

*Access by ladder does not meet Ministry standards for safety

For More Information

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Health System Emergency Management Branch
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Fax : 416-212-4466
TTY : 1-800-387-5559
E-mail : emergencymanagement.moh@ontario.ca


Health workers and health sector employers can call the Healthcare Provider Hotline for more information
Toll free : 1-866-212-2272

CritiCall Ontario provides a 24 hour call centre for hospitals to contact on-call specialists; arrange for appropriate hospital bed access and facilitate urgent triage for patients