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Early Career

Nursing Graduate Guarantee Initiative

The Nursing Graduate Guarantee (NGG) Program is designed to support Canadian New Graduate Nurses (Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses) and newly registered Internationally Educated Nurses by providing them with a permanent, full-time employment opportunity. Currently, up to six months of funding is provided for newly trained nurses to receive an extended orientation to the workforce. Healthcare organizations are encouraged to bridge eligible nurses into full-time employment through successful health human resources planning.

Effective April 1, 2017, the Ministry will be implementing changes to the NGG Program to ensure that, in addition to gaining valuable work experience, participating nurses will be transitioned into permanent, full-time employment.

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Summer Externship Program

The Summer Externship Program provides an opportunity for nursing students to accelerate their undergraduate degree program, potentially allowing them to enter the workforce sooner. This important initiative supports health human resource planning and improved access to education.

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Education Program

The Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Education Program provides advanced education and clinical experience for Nurse Practitioner students in preparation for the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam-Family/All Ages. Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners make significant contributions to Ontario's health care system and the nursing workforce by providing comprehensive nursing services including health promotion, disease and injury prevention, treatment, cure rehabilitation and support.

Tuition Support Program for Nurses

The Tuition Support Program for Nurses (TSPN) provides tuition reimbursement for nursing education to recent nursing graduates from rural and remote communities. Participating nurses sign a one-year return of service agreement to work in a designated underserviced community or facility for every year of tuition reimbursed. The Rurality Index of Ontario (RIO) is used to determine a community's eligibility for the TSPN. This program is administered by the ministry's Primary Health Care Branch.
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