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Innovation Brokers

Innovation Brokers will work with Ontario’s innovators and health care providers to foster an even greater culture of innovation across the province.

Innovation Brokers will help the Chief Health Innovation Strategist remove barriers, so that new made-in-Ontario innovative technologies and processes get into our health care system and to patients faster.

They will link growing Ontario-based health technology companies with opportunities, key players and supports, create and enhance connections and collaboration, and help ensure success.

Working with health system partners, Innovation Brokers will improve access to sources of support, test sites for gathering feedback from patients and clinicians, as well as guidance and mentorship in moving innovation ideas from development to adoption and diffusion in Ontario’s health care system.

The first three Innovation Brokers are:

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Jennifer Zelmer, President at Azimuth Health Group - With strong expertise in clinical adoption of health technologies, Jennifer and her team will be building innovation capacity within the health system by mentoring change agents on such topics as value-based procurement and calculating ROI. Azimuth Health Group teams has launched 3iOntario, a platform connecting health innovators and innovation champions with resources and opportunities to support innovation. To date, 3iOntario has shared more than $580 million in opportunities for companies in Ontario to take advantage of. Follow @3iOntario on Twitter, visit the web listing, or subscribe to the email digest for regular updates.

Jennifer Zelmer Headshot


Martin Gurbin, Vice President and Founder, Sunnybrook International - With strong international business expertise, Martin will be working with health technology innovators to define and communicate their value proposition to Ontario-based health service providers.  Martin will work with health technology innovators to build partnerships and business development opportunities.

Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario

Council of Academic Hospitals Ontario, The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) - On behalf of Ontario’s 23 research hospitals, CAHO will help clear the path to market by pulling innovation into Ontario’s health system. They have published a template and process to help innovators request validation test sites and a list of problem statements that provide market intelligence to better align proposed innovations with the needs of the health system.  In the fall of 2017, CAHO will begin brokering connections with hospitals that are ready to adopt specific innovations. In doing this work, CAHO is also building capacity for innovation adoption by creating standard procedures among CAHO hospitals that enable clarity, transparency and timeliness for innovators. Learn more about CAHO’s role as an Innovation Broker here.

The call for REOI for the second group of Innovation Brokers will open in the fall of 2017.

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