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Each birthing hospital may develop its own procedures for the allocation of Infant Registration forms to Head Midwives.

It is important to note that if a midwife has privileges at more than one birthing hospital the Infant Registration forms must be returned to site of origin: the forms are not transferable as they are pre-printed with the facility number.

Fee-for-service providers will have access to the newborn’s pre-allocated Health Number for billing purposes immediately following the baby’s birth.  No additional forms need to be completed by the provider before submitting claims for processing.

Medical claims received within 90 days of the newborn’s date of birth and prior to processing the Infant Registration form will be held by the Ministry until the form is processed or until 90 days from the date of birth has passed, whichever is earlier.  Held medical claims will not be paid if the registration is not processed within 90 days from the newborn’s date of birth. Providers receive notification on the Claims Error Report with an error code.  The Ministry will return rejected paper claims to providers who submit in this format.

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