Amount payable per physician per other resuscitation for the fourth and subsequent physicians for which a claim is submitted and paid (per 1/4 hour or major part thereof)



D. Attendance at Delivery

Non-consultant physicians may claim attendance at delivery only if in attendance during labour. Obstetrics Preamble page K1 is changed as follows:

o Attendance at labour: This is a service of being in constant or periodic attendance on a patient during stages one and two of labour but without completion of the delivery, to provide all aspects of care. This includes....

P038 Attendance at labour when patient transferred to another centre for delivery 102.30
P011 Attendance at labour when same physician assists or gives anesthesia at Cesarean section or operative delivery and claims separately as assistant or anesthetist 150.05
P009 Attendance at labour and delivery by physician other than obstetric consultant 318.11
P010 Attendance of obstetric consultant(s) at delivery 102.30

Amount payable for attendance of a physician other than an obstetric consultant at only delivery is zero.

E. Papanicolaou Test

The maximum number of negative Pap tests is one per year when billed as a separate service. One negative Pap test is already included in the consultation fee (A205), and one is included in the general (A003) and specific assessment(A203) codes. The later can be billed up to twice within a year if different diagnostic codes are used for each visit. Patients may potentially receive up to 4 pap tests per year without the use of the supplementary code(G365) which is now limited to once per year. A new code (G394) is to be used for additional follow-up tests when the prior test report was:

  1. atypical squamous cell of undetermined significance(ASCUS - Bethesda grading system);
  2. atypical glandular cell of undetermined significance(AGUS);
  3. low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL);
  4. high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion(HSIL); or
  5. when the prior test was reported as "unsatisfactory" or"satisfactory but limited by...".

Page J14 is changed to read:

+G365 Periodic Papanicolaou Smear - maximum one per patient per 12 month period, excluding smears provided in conjunction with a consultation, repeat consultation, general or specific assessment or reassessment


+G394 Additional Papanicolaou Smear - for follow-up of abnormal or inadequate smears


F. Travel Medicine Services
Pre-departure travel medicine services are not insured services. Appendix A (office copy of Regulation 552) will be amended to add a new section stating:

The following are deemed not to be insured services and not to be part of insured services rendered by physicians or practitioners: A service or treatment , including immunization or the administration of any drug, rendered to an insured person in connection with, and for the sole purpose of, travelling to a country outside of Canada.

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