1. Other Changes to the Schedule

The Ministry is also implementing several other outstanding changes:

  • New definitions for pathology "Specimen"
  • Revised eligibility for Influenza Immunization
  • Electrocardiograms requested by Registered Nurse in Extended Class (RN (EC))
  • Prenatal Ultrasounds requested by Midwives
  • Ultrasound Fees Correction
  • Ontario Hepatitis C Assistance Program (OHCAP)
  • Delegation of P1 Professional Component
  • Follow-up Diagnostic Professional Fees
  • New Consultation and Visits section for specialty of Community Medicine
    (Separate bulletin to follow regarding registration for this specialty)

    A description of these changes and the fee is provided in Appendix B.

  1. Changes for G467 and Audiology fees deferred
    The Physician Services Committee continues to review options for change to G467 and Audiology fees. No changes are being implemented on April 1, 1999.
  2. Hospital Technical Fee Reductions for 1999/2000
    A tripartite committee of the Ministry of Health, the OMA, and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) has recommended a decrease of the technical fee reduction for services provided in hospitals from 6.7% to 3.0%, This reduction will commence with claims having a service date of April 1, 1999.
  1. Thresholds
    Thresholds for 1999 / 2000 remain the same: GPs: $300,000 (first threshold level) and Specialists: $380,000 (first threshold level). The exemptions from threshold also remain the same as indicated in Appendix E of the Schedule of Benefits.

    The Specialist Retention Initiative (SRI) program will continue to be available for physicians who are eligible for the program. (Re: Bulletin 4323 November 30, 1998)

    Contact the Northern Health Programs and Planning Branch for more information at: 705-670-7280.
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