Page Reference or Code Description
General Preamble  
B.3.(f) Amended description for Diagnostic Radiology Consultation
B.4.(y) Amended preamble description to include Family Psychiatric Care
B.5.(b) Amended conditions for visits to patients in designated palliative care beds regardless of facility type.
B20.(d) New codes & conditions for Surgical Assistants with sacrifice of Office Hours
Consultations and Visits  
A13 new Laboratory Medicine heading to include;Hematopathology, Neuropathology & Medical biochemistry
A22 – K199 Psychiatric care redefined as in-patient
Diagnostic Radiology  
F1 – X421, X431, X441, X451, X461, X471, X490, X493, X496, X486 Amended descriptions
Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures  
J3 – G208 serial oral provocation testing amended to include single or double blind technique
J23 –G443, G530 amended note to indicate that central auditory testing on behalf of school boards or other third parties is uninsured.
J25 – G193 redefined Complete Multichannel Urodynamic Assessment
J25 – G475 redefined Cystometrogram
Surgical Procedures  
Musculoskeletal System  
N3, N7, N10, n20, N24, N27 – E595 new note applying maximum of 2 "R" codes in conjunction with E595
Respiratory System  
P3 – Z342 limited bronchoscopy redefined to include placement of endobronchial blocker
Cardiovascular System  
Q2 – Z415 amend to include removal and/or replacement of cardiovertor/defibrillator
Q2 – E654 new note to E654: second and subsequent anastomoses to be claimed at 50% of E654
Digestive System  
S6 – Z571, E720 revisions to excision of polyps through colonoscope
S9 – Z755, Z761 revision to electrocoagulation of polyps or tumors
S10 – S269, S275, S270, S267, S271 revisions to hepatectomy codes.
Urinary System  
T4 – Z635 code relocated to prostate endoscopy section page U3
T4 – E775 revision to catheterization of ureters
T4 – E777 revision to manometry
T4 – Z602, Z603, Z611 revised definition for bladder catheterization
T4 – E776 revision to include any of: transurethral biopsy, brush biopsy of pelvis or insertion of ureteric stent
Female Genital System  
V4 – S763 amend to read radical (Wertheim or Schauta) including node dissection
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