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Changes to the Schedule of Benefits and Related Changes
Effective April 1, 2002

4. Amendment List

The following list highlights the amendments that are effective April 1, 2002. For complete information, please refer to the April 2002 edition of the Schedule of Benefits. Fees are shown only for new and revised fees.

Fee Code
N - New

R - Revised
D - Deleted
ix GP B.3.d nesthetic consultation A/C015   R
xii GP B.3.m Special palliative care consultation A/C945   R
xiv GP B.4.f Complex medical specific re-assessment   N
xiv, xv GP B.4.i Intermediate assessment - pronouncement of death   R
xvi GP B.4.n Comprehensive assessment and care   R
xvii GP B.4.o Detention - geriatric or geriatric psychiatric consultation, psychiatric or pediatric neurodevelopmental consultation and midwife requested special assessment   R
xvii K101 Detention in ambulance - Ground ambulance transfer   R
xvii K112 K112 Detention in ambulance - Return trip without patient 24.55 N
xxii GP B.5.d Emergency Department, Emergency Physician on Duty   R
xxiv GP B.6 Admission to Hospital from ED or OPD   R
xxvii GP B.7.5(iv) Other terms and definitions - Counseling   R
xxx GP B.11 Maximums, minimums and unit-based services   R
xxxi GP B.12 Defined terms and expressions   R
xxxvi E101B Surgical assistant standby premium 1 unit /15 min N
xli E008C nesthetic premium for patient with incapacitating disease   D
xli E009C E009C Anesthetic premium - infant aged 29 days to 1 year 4 units R
xli E011C Anesthesia premium - patient in prone position 4 units N
xli E014C Anesthesia premium - newborn 28 days and younger 5 units R
xli E018C Anesthesia premium - Adult >80 years of age 2 units N
xli E022C nesthesia premium - Patients ASA 3 2 units N
xli E017C Anesthesia premium - Patients ASA 4 10 units N
xli E016C Anesthesia premium - Patients ASA 5 20 units N
xli E019C Anesthesia premium - infant or child aged 1 to 8 years 2 units N
xli E021C Anesthetic premium - premature newborn < 37 weeks gestation 9 units N
xlii GP.B.23 GP.B.23 Special visit premiums   R
xliv K990 to K997 Special visit premiums for visits to emergency department   R (8)
xliv Special visit premiums for visits to hospital out-patient department      
  U990 Daytime (07:00 - 18:00h) - first patient 17.85 N
  U991 additional patient - add to consultation or visit fee 30% N
  U992 Emergency call with sacrifice of office hours - first patient 35.6 N
  U993 additional patient - add to consultation or visit fee 30% N
  U994 Evening (18:00 - 24:00h) Monday to Friday or daytime and evenings on Saturday, Sunday or holiday - first patient 50.05 N
  U995 additional patient - add to consultation or visit fee 45% N
  U996 Nights (00:00 - 07:00h) -first patient 75.1 N
  U997 additional patient - add to consultation or visit fee 68.75% N
lii GP .B.32 Fee-for-service claims for emergency dept. AFA services   N
D4 Appendix D Surface pathology - removal or treatment of warts on head or neck of patients aged 15 or younger   R
A1, 3, xxiv A/C933 On-call admission assessment   R (2)
A2, 3, 5, xiv, xv A/C/W771 Certification of death 17.3 N (3)
A2, 3, xvii A/C813 midwife requested special assessment   R
A2, 3, xvii A/C813 Midwife-requested assessment 57.3 N, R
A2, 3, xvii A/C815 Midwife-requested special assessment 112.35 N, R
A4, xxiv H105 In-patient Interim Admission Orders 17.3 N
A4   Emergency Dept. - Monday to Friday - evenings (18:00 to 24:00h)    
H132   Comprehensive assessment and care 35.15 N    
H133 N   Multiple systems assessment 31.1  
H131 Minor assessment   Minor assessment 15.45 N
H134   Re-assessment 15.45 N

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