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Changes to the Schedule of Benefits and Related Changes
Effective April 1, 2002

Fee Code
N - New

R - Revised
D - Deleted
A11, xii K023 Palliative care support   R
A12 K028 Sexually transmitted disease (STD) management 50.45 R
A12 K029 Insulin therapy support 50.45 N
A12 K030 Diabetic management assessment 30.00 N
A14 E015 Consultation within 36 hours of an anesthesia   D
A14 - 46, xvi A/CXXX Complex medical specific re-assessment - for medical specialty groups with medical specific assessment codes 52.10 N (24)
A32 A230 Orthoptic assessment 14.60 N
A35, 36, 37, xvii A/C/W667 Neurodevelopmental consultation, pediatric 224.65 N(3)
A36 A/C263, A/C264 Revise general assessment and re-assessment descriptors to pediatric medical specific assessment and medical specific re-assessment   R (4)
A41, 42, xvii A/C/W795 Geriatric psychiatric consultation 168.40 N (3)
A41, 42, xvii A/C/W695 Neurodevelopmental consultation, psychiatric 224.65 N (3)
B3 811/J611, J813/J613 Myocardial wall motion studies (Note)   R (4)
C1 Preamble Radiation Oncology   R
C2 X301 Major treatment planning   D
C2 X310 Treatment planning - Level 1 219.00 N
C2 X311 Treatment planning - Level 2 381.00 N
C2 X312 Treatment planning - Level 3 692.00 N
C3 X313 Treatment planning - Level 4 825.00 N
C4 X333 Metastatic disease with radioactive lymphogram   D
E4 #J016 Percutaneous vertebroplasty 148.10  
E4 #J054 Percutaneous vertebroplasty - each additional - max 3 per patient per day 174.05  
G4 J165 Transvaginal sonohysterography    
G5 J193/J493,
Peripheral vessel assessment H 101.50
P1 74.20
R (8)
G7 J149 Note: Diagnostic ultrasound J138/438 and J161/461 rendered same visit as ultrasound guidance J149 is an insured service payable at nil.   R
J10 G316, G335 Cardiovascular stress testing - vector analysis T & P components   D (2)
J11   Continuous ECG monitoring t    
  G650 Level 1: 12 - 47 hr recording - P fee 46.95 R
  G658 Level 1: 48 - 71 hr recording - P fee 70.45 N
  G659 Level 1: 72 hr or more recording - P fee 93.95 N
  G653 Level 2: 12 - 47 hr recording - P fee 33.45 R
  G656 Level 2: 48 - 71 hr recording - P fee 50.15 N
  G657 Level 2: 72 hr or more recording - P fee 66.85 N
J13 Preamble Critical Care - Life threatening emergency situation   R
J13 Critical Care/td> Critical Care - Other resuscitation   R
J14 - J16 Critical Care ritical Care - Per Diem listings Preambles - Intensive Care Area, Comprehensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care  
J16 #G603 Neonatal low volume intensive care premium 452.50 N
J16 #G604 Neonatal low birth weight intensive care premium 452.50 N
J24 #G322 Nasogastric intubation under general anesthetic 9.40  
J35, M4, xlii Preamble Brachial plexus block added to that payable as G224 with anesthetic service   R
J36 G216 Lumbar epidural block   R
J36 G245 Lumbar epidural or intrathecal injection of sclerosing solution   R
J37 #G246 Introduction of lumbar epidural catheter for analgesia   R
  G125 concurrent with anesthesia time units for operative procedure R
  #G255 with insertion of subcutaneous port   D
  #E833 with insertion of subcutaneous port 113.80  

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