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Changes to the Schedule of Benefits and Related Changes
Effective April 1, 2002

Fee Code
N - New

R - Revised
D - Deleted
J37 #G117 Introduction of thoracic epidural catheter for analgesia    
  #G118 concurrent with anesthesia time units for operative procedure   N
J37 #G119 Introduction of cervical epidural catheter for analgesia   N
J38 #G273 Lumbar epidural injection of adrenal steroid or autologous blood 113.70 N
J43 Diagnostic Hearing Tests Clarify commentary. See Bulletin 4378, November 21, 2001.   R
J45 Preamble Electromyography and nerve conduction studies preamble   R
J47 #Z458 Electroconvulsive therapy - single or multiple   R
J47 #G478 Electroconvulsive therapy - single or multiple - inpatient   D
J47 #G479 Electroconvulsive therapy - single or multiple - outpatient 54.15 N
J48 J890/J690 Level 1 - overnight sleep study - diagnostic study 59.80 R (2)
J48 J889/J689 Level 1 - overnight sleep study - therapeutic study for CPAP titration H 376.50
P1 180.50
N (2
J48 J894 Sleep Studies - maintenance of wakefulness test - separated from J893 MSLT H 70.00
P1 51.45
K4 P005 assessment 40.65 N
K4 P009 Attendance at labour and delivery by physician other than obstetric consultant 338.95 R
K4 E411 Sole Delivery Premium payable in addition to E414   R
K4 P011 Attendance at labour when same physician assists or gives anesthesia at C-section or operative delivery and claims separately as assistant or anesthetist   D
K5 E414 High risk obstetrical premium 60.85 N
K6 P030 Cervical ripening 57.45 N
K6 P025 Non-stress test for high-risk pregnancy 9.45 N
M4 Preamble Surgical Procedures   R
M5 #E673 Lysis of extensive intra-abdominal adhesions and/or scarring 60.85 N
M9 R010 Malignant melanoma - wide excision 121.65 N
M13 Preamble Skin Flaps and Grafts   N
#E540 Excision of tumour free margin with frozen section - add to first flap or graft 25% R
M20 M20 #R146 #R147 Male mastectomy for adolescent male gynaecomastia, secondary to endocrine or genetic disorders or chemotherapy simple 174.00 268.60 N N
M20 M20 #R148 #R149 Male mastectomy for treatment of male breast cancer simple 268.60 268.60 N N
N5 #R209 Arthroplasty - basal thumb - first carpo-metacarpal joint 355.95 N
N7 #R322 Reconstruction - bone - pseudoarthrosis - scaphoid 356.65 R
N11 #N189 Ulnar nerve transposition at elbow 273.75 N
N17 #R298 Simple excision - clavicle or acromion - R416 paid at 85% with R298   R
N17 #R416 Rotator cuff exploration - excludes simple excision of clavicle R928 - paid at 85% with R298   R
N17 #R490 Excision - joint - acromio/sterno-clavicular meniscectomy   D
N19 #F120 Reduction - fractures - scapula - closed reduction with anesthetic   D
N19 #F122 Reduction - fractures - sternum - no reduction   D
N27, X7 #E926 Spinal duraplasty utilizing autologous tissue   R
N28 Z215 Spine-Examination under general anesthetic   D
X13 #N188 #N285 #N177 Pelvis & Hip - Exploration, decompression, division, excision, biopsy, neurolysis, transposition minor nerve major nerve sciatic nerve in buttock   R R R
N42   Revision ankle arthrodesis 496.70 N
Q1 Preamble Operations on cardiovascular system   N
Q3 #E646 Vein patch angioplasty of coronary artery 184.10 N
Q4 #R741 Coronary artery endarterectomy and/or gas endarterectomy   R
Q7 Preamble Operations on the Cardiovascular Systems - Arteries - Excision & Repair   R
Q7 #E679 Vein graft harvest remote from bypass site when saphenous vein unavailable 121.65 N
Q8 #R873 Thrombin injection of femoral artery pseudoaneurysm 53.90 N

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