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Removal of 7% Discount on Payment of Facility Fees to Licensed Independent
Health Facilities


Vascular System (Continued)  


J198/J498 Venous assessment (bilateral - includes assessment of femoral, popliteal and posterior or tibial veins with appropriate functional manoeuvres and permanent record) not to be claimed during surgery or during patient's post-operative stay in hospital   7.50
J205/J505 Doppler evaluation of organ transplantation - arterial and/or venous   22.40
J206/J506 Duplex evaluation of portal hypertension - must include doppler interrogation and documentation of superior mesenteric vein, splenic vein, portal veins, hepatic veins and hepatic arteries (not to be billed unless study specifically requested by referring physician)   22.40

Duplex assessment of patency, obstruction, and flow direction of vascular shunts

- must include doppler interrogation and documentation of vascular shunts    (not to be billed unless study specifically requested by referring physician)

  Vascular Laboratory Fees    
J200/J500 Ankle pressure measurements with segmental pressure recordings and/or pulse volume recordings and/or Doppler recordings   20.70
J196/J496 Ankle pressure measurements with exercise and/or quantitative measurements added to the above   8.10
J197/J497 Penile pressure recordings - two or more pressures   7.00
J203/J503 Transcutaneous tissue oxygen tension measurements   24.45
J204/J504 - when done in addition to Doppler studies   13.40


For ankle pressure determination see G517 under Cardiovascular Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures    
J182/J482 Extremities - per limb (excluding vascular study)   25.90
J127/J427 Breast – scan B-mode (per breast)   24.05
J183/J483 Scrotal – scan   48.00

In addition to the common elements, the components of Ultrasonic guidance include the following specific elements:

Providing premises, equipment, supplies and personnel for all specific elements of the facility and professional components except for the premises for an aspect(s) of A and D of the professional component that is (are) not performed at the place in which the procedure is performed.

J149 Ultrasonic guidance of biopsy, aspiration, amniocentesis or drainage procedure (one physician only)   48.00

Schedule of Facility Fees
For Independent Health Facilities
                                             US2                                                        Revised May 13, 2003


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