B.     Physician Fee Codes Which Are Now Included In Threshold Fee

The following fee codes were formerly excluded from threshold fee reductions (see Bulletin 4291), but will be included effective April 1, 1998.

1.     Professional Fees Included in Threshold Calculations:
Abortion     - S752, S785
All Transplants - kidney - S435, E769, S434, E771, S436, E753, S437, E762
  - bone - Z425, Z426
  - heart - R870, R872, R874, M157
  - cornea - E108, E121, E122
  - lung - M155
  - liver - S274, S294, S295, E765
Angioplasty     - Z434, G262
Audiology Professional Fees - G525, G526, G529, G450, G530, G527, G531, G446, G141, G142, G144, G145, G816, G105, G533, G454, G191, G108
Dialysis     - G326, G332, G333
Cardiac Bypass Surgery   - R742, R743, E654, E652
Cataract Surgery   - E140, E141, E950, E138, E143, E144, E145, E146
Laser Surgery for extensive
pelvic disease
- Z737
Laser Treatment Port Wine Stains - R051
Moh's Surgery     - R081, E524
Obstetrics     - P006, P009, P018, P020, P041
Pacemakers     - Z444, Z445, Z435, Z436, Z433, R751, R752, Z412, R753,Z415
Radiation Oncology   - X301, X302, X304, X305, X306, X322, X323, X334, X324, X325, X326, X327, X335, X336, X328, X329, X330, X332, X333
Retinal Surgery     - E151, E152, E153, E161, E154, E155, E159, E158, E162, E949, E952
Note: Surgical procedures listed above apply to services coded with A suffix, that is, to the surgeon performing the procedure.

2.     Technical Fees Included in Threshold Calculations:
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures
G467 Miscellaneous therapeutic procedures

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