Ontario Health Insurance Plan
What does OHIP cover?

Ultrasound for pregnancy is covered in two ways: a complete prenatal ultrasound and a limited prenatal ultrasound. In a normal pregnancy OHIP pays the physician for a maximum of one complete and one limited ultrasound. This limit does not apply to high risk pregnancies.


What is not covered?

Beginning July 1, 1998, OHIP will not pay for additional ultrasounds for a normal pregnancy. After one complete and one limited ultrasound, any others conducted for a normal pregnancy are not medically necessary. Patients may request extra ultrasounds at their own expense.


Prenatal ultrasound is commonly used for routine screening in prenatal care and in the management of complications of pregnancy.

The Canadian Task Force on Periodic Health Examination has concluded that there is fair evidence to justify the inclusion of a single prenatal ultrasound in routine prenatal care. In addition to the one complete ultrasound that is clinically necessary in a normal pregnancy,

OHIP will cover the cost of a limited ultrasound in support of the Maternal Serum Screening Program.

The new conditions on the use of ultrasound for pregnancy are consistent with good clinical practice and current standards for quality of care.

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