Ontario Health Insurance Plan
What does OHIP cover?

Sleep studies will continue to be paid for by the Ministry of Health; the only changes being introduced are in the legal structure under which payment is made. Patients should not experience any adverse impact on access to these services.

What is not covered?

Starting on July 1, 1998, privately owned sleep study centres, those not operated by hospitals, will be required to seek a licence as an Independent Health Facility in order to bill the Ministry for these services. Sleep studies in these Facilities and in hospitals are fully covered.


Sleep studies are one of the fastest growing services billed to OHIP in

recent years, which raises questions about funding, quality, and medical necessity of services.

In addition, the lack of consistency in standards for the service is a concern. To resolve these questions and to regulate the quality of the service, the Ministry will require these diagnostic tests to be performed in regulated facilities.

The requirement for licensing privately owned facilities allows for planned and rational expansion of services, as needed, and for the regulation of service quality.

Privately owned facilites will be inspected to ensure that services are provided according to standards established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

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