Claims submitted July 19, 1999 or later by physicians registered with the ministry since December 15, 1996 must include a location code.This includes claims submitted under a solo and/or group number.

If the location code is missing or invalid, claims will reject V51 – Invalid Location Code.

Physicians who are registering now for a billing number are being advised at the time of registration of the location code for each of their practice addresses. Other physicians will be provided notice of the corresponding location code for each of their practice addresses within the next month.


The Ministry of Health officially launched the new Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) service in the summer of 1998. All registered Ontario health care providers were sent an EDT information kit and invitation to register for the EDT service.

What is the EDT Service?

The EDT service is a vehicle for the electronic transmission of files from the health care providers PC to the ministry's mainframe computer. EDT currently has two applications - Fee for Service Medical Claims and Overnight Batch Eligibility Checking (OBEC). Other applications will be added in the future.

What are the Benefits of the EDT Service?

Benefits include convenience, security, fast claim submission, fast error correction and earlier monthly reconciliation.

Ministry Assistance

Now that the EDT service is fully available to Ontario's health care providers the ministry is encouraging providers to register. The ministry will be publishing an EDT Guidebook in late March to assist health care providers in the preparation and registration for EDT. Information sessions including an overview and demonstration of the EDT service are being planned for around the province.

To receive an EDT Registration package call the EDT Technical Help Desk toll free at 1 800 262-6524 or in Kingston call 548-7981.

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