1. Schedule update package

    The Schedule is being updated to include the following:
    • Amended pages to reflect changes recommended by the OMA; and
    • A Numeric Index which lists the current fee codes reflecting both adjustments to under-weighted fees and the uniform 1.45% increase as well as the page references. This index should be used to determine the new fee to be claimed for insured services provided ON OR AFTER April 1, 1999. The amounts shown elsewhere in the Schedule reflect relative amounts payable PRIOR to April 1, 1999 and remain in the Schedule for information purposes only.

    A full reprint of the schedule will follow in the future.

  2. Transitional payment rules
    The claims processing system will be programmed to pay the new fee in lieu of a lesser fee claimed for a transitional period to allow physicians time to update billing systems. A grace period of four months (July 31, 1999) will be provided to all providers.
  3. Communications and Web-Site
    This bulletin, an updated version of the Schedule and other background communications are available on the Ministry's web site at: www.health.gov.on.ca
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