The Health Insurance Act, Regulation 552, Section 24(1) 8. and 8.1 state:

(Section 24 is included as Appendix A to the Schedule of Benefits)

  1. (1) "The following services rendered by physicians or practitioners are not insured services and are not part of insured services :
  1. A service, including an annual health or annual physical examination, received wholly or partly for the production or completion of a document or the transmission of information to which paragraph 8.1 or 8.2 applies regardless of whether the document or information was requested before, at the same time as or after the service was received.


     8.1   The production or completion of a document, or the transmission of information toany person other than the insured person, if the document or transmission of informationis required by legislation of any government or is to be used to receive anything under, or to satisfy any condition under, any legislation or program of a government."

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