• Special visits to multiple resident dwellings

Special visit premiums for house calls to apartment blocks and other multiple resident dwellings will be for the first patient seen in the building, regardless of the number of households or residential units visited. Appropriate assessment fees remain payable for additional patients seen in same building.

Amendment List #5, which contains the updated pages to the Schedule of Benefits reflecting the changes identified above, is enclosed with this Bulletin.

Note:The actual new Schedule pages dated October 1, 1999, to remain consistent with the April 1, 1999 update, reflect the fee values prior to April 1, 1999. For fees payable on or after April 1, 1999, you must refer to the Numeric Index. A new consolidated Schedule is planned to be issued in 2000.

  2. Additional copies of this Bulletin or Amendment List #5 are available for purchase from the Publications Ontario (1-800-668-9938). As well, other Bulletins, Patient Fact Sheets on select topics and the updated version of the Schedule may be seen on the ministry’s web site: www.health.gov.on.ca.

  4. Please remember to submit all claims with the new fees in order to get paid at the higher amounts which were implemented April 1, 1999. The 4-month transitional provision, which automatically paid at the higher amount, has ended.

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