Annual Re-Application Required

All physicians who applied for admission to the 1999/2000 SRI will automatically be mailed an application for 2000/2001.

All physicians who wish to renew their enrolment in SRI must submit an application, including all required documentation as well as evidence of their efforts to satisfy the recruitment provision of their SRI agreement. Demonstration of recruitment efforts will be an important consideration in determining whether applicants will be re-admitted to SRI.

Obtaining an Application Package

Additional information and application packages may be obtained by telephoning (613) 548-6561, making a request by fax to (613) 548-6309 or by writing to:

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Health Services Division
Accountability Management Branch, Provider Payment Programs
2nd Floor, 49 Place d’Armes
Kingston, ON K7L 5J3

Eligibility for SRI

Certified specialists whose eligible billings are expected to exceed the 2000/2001 threshold of $410,000 and certified General/Family Practitioners whose eligible billings are expected to exceed the $330,000 threshold can apply.

NOTE: All applicants will be required to provide supporting documentation at the time of application (for example, letter explaining special circumstances/services provided, copy of sub-specialty certificate or other proof of training where applicable, letters of support from peers and/or hospital administration). Applicants must be providing services in the specialty or sub-specialty claimed.

The most recent available province-wide data will be used to determine eligibility

Physicians currently receiving Underserviced Area Program incentive grants are exempt from threshold and need not apply.

Categories for Approval - Specialists

Geographic Undersupply: The geographic area (defined as the municipality and county in which the applicant practices as well as the adjoining counties) must be less than 75% of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons standard for individual specialists to be considered eligible under the category of geographic undersupply.

In addition, other factors will be considered such as: travel to the closest referral centre and provision of critical care services.

Provincial Resource: Where highly sub-specialized services provided to the entire province or large regional referral base comprise a majority of a specialist’s workload, consideration as a provincial resource will be given. Determination is made on whether the services provided are deemed to be highly sub-specialized with limited numbers of physicians able to perform the service. Applicants providing a routine specialty service using a different technique or technology will not be considered provincial resources.

Service Specific Exemption: Exemptions will be considered for obstetrical deliveries and invasive cardiology. Dialysis will continue in 2000/2001.


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