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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 When does this change become effective? The change is effective March 1, 2002.
2 How do I register banking information to be used exclusively for my malpractice reimbursement? Complete an application for Direct Bank Payment, attach a void cheque for the account and forward to your local ministry office. Specify on the form the account is to be used for malpractice reimbursement payments only.
3 Can I continue to use the bank account registered on my solo billing number for my malpractice reimbursement? Yes, we will continue to use the bank account registered under the solo billing number unless instructed otherwise.
4 Does this change mean I can use different bank accounts for my medical claims payments and for my malpractice reimbursement payment? Yes.
5 Can I have just my malpractice reimbursement paid by direct deposit and payment by cheque for claims payment? Yes. Specify on the application for direct Bank Payment the account is for malpractice reimbursements only.
6 Can I register for direct bank deposit for my malpractice reimbursement even if I don’t have a MOHLTC billing number? Yes. A billing number is no longer a requirement for direct bank deposit for reimbursement payments.
7 Are there any restrictions to what bank account I can use for my malpractice reimbursement? No, there are no restrictions provided the proper authorizations are received.
8 Can I use the bank account registered on my group billing number? Yes, but it must be registered separately from your group billing number. An application for Direct Bank Payment must be completed indicating the account will be used for malpractice reimbursement payments.
9 Why can I automatically use my solo billing account but not my group billing account? The ministry does not have payment agreements with groups for reimbursements, only individual physicians. We must receive specific instructions to deposit reimbursement payments to a third party.
10 Will the group receive itemized reporting for malpractice reimbursement payments? No. The ministry will continue to report malpractice reimbursement payments to individual physicians only. All reporting to a third party is the responsibility of the physician

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