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Funding for simple office procedures performed by a nurse or medical assistant employed by facilities or organizations such as public hospitals, public health units, Independent Health Facilities (IHFs), industrial clinics or long-term care facilities is the responsibility of the facility or organization. Any associated fee-for-service claims submitted by physicians for such services are payable at nil and any payments may be subject to recovery action by the ministry.

For complete information about physician billing for services rendered by non-physicians, see the General Preamble B.10 Delegated Procedures. For information on professional standards for delegation of a controlled act, see the current edition of CPSO's policy titled Delegation of Controlled Acts (November 1999 version is available at :

(See Schedule of Benefits for complete description)
Venipuncture G480, G482, G489 J6
Injections and immunizations G372, G373, G538, G539, G590, G591 J26
Ultraviolet light therapy G470 J17
Administration of oral polio vaccine G462 J27
Simple office laboratory procedures G001, G002-G012, G014, G481 J33
Ear syringing, curetting or debridement G420 J42
B.C.G. inoculation G369 J25
Simple Spirometry and Flow Volume Loop J301, J324, J304, J327 1E,H3-H4
Casts Z198-Z209, Z211-Z213, Z216, Z873 N4
Major Dressing Z153 M11

Physicians proposing additions to the above table may submit their request through their OMA Section to the Central Tariff Committee (CTC) of the OMA. Proposals endorsed by the CTC will be considered jointly by the OMA, MOHLTC and CPSO for implementation.

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