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Changes to the Schedule of Benefits for Physician Services
Questions and Answers

  1. What is the impact on the general public?

    These changes will have a positive impact on Ontarians. Patients will have access to new services that recognize advances in technology for scintimammography and endoscopic ultrasound procedures, and there will be improved patient flow through emergency rooms and hospital on-call coverage, as well as improvements to primary care services.
  2. What is the impact on physicians?

    Health care providers can expect overall improvements to the Schedule of Benefits that will accurately reflect current medical practice, provide a clear description of new services, and adjust funding levels to maintain relativity.

    What is different about the new Schedule version?

    The new version is a complete reprint and is visually different from the earlier Schedule. The changes include a new Table of Contents, new Preamble page numbering, and every section in the Schedule being listed on a new page to allow for easier use.
  3. Why is the Alpha Index not included in this version of the Schedule?

    The new version does not include the alpha index and will be forwarded under a separate cover.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
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