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Note: Physicians currently receiving Underserviced Area Program incentive grants are exempt from threshold reductions and need not apply.

Categories for Approval – Specialists

Geographic Undersupply: The geographic area (defined as the municipality and county in which the applicant practises as well as the adjoining counties) must be less than 75% of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) standard for an individual specialist to be considered eligible under the category of “Geographic Undersupply”.

Provincial Resource: The provision of highly subspecialized services to the entire province or large regional referral base with limited numbers of physicians able to perform the service. Applicants providing a routine specialty service using a different technique or technology will not be considered provincial resources. Current letters of support from colleagues attesting to the special expertise of the applicant are required each year.

Service Specific Exemption: Fee code exemptions for obstetrics, invasive cardiology procedures, dialysis, retinal surgery, glaucoma surgery, and ocular photodynamic therapy (PDT) with verteporfin will continue in 2003/2004.

Categories for Approval – General Practitioners/Family Practitioners (GP/FPs)

Geographic Undersupply: GP/FPs who practise full time in a community, municipality, or township designated as underserviced by the ministry, with a complement of four or fewer GP/FPs, which has 75% or less of the recommended complement (one or more vacancies), may be eligible for exemption. The ministry’s most recent province-wide data available will be used to determine eligibility.

Undersupplied Domains of Practice: GP/FPs who practise in undersupplied domains of practice (HIV/AIDS, palliative care, and French language services) may be eligible for exemption. A physician who applies for a threshold exemption under this category must provide the majority of his/her services within the undersupplied domain of practice.

Special Consideration: GP/FPs who can demonstrate that their practice is unique and who provide a substantial proportion of essential and undersupplied services to his/her community. “Special Consideration” applications will be reviewed and a decision will be recommended by Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Medical Consultants.

Service Specific Exemption: Fee code exemptions for obstetrics, HIV/AIDS and palliative care will be continued for 2003/2004.

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