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The Ontario government is increasing the province’s capacity for providing bariatric services including surgery. It is expected that the number of bariatric surgeries performed in Ontario will increase to over 2,000 annually by fiscal year 2011/12.

The ministry requires that all patients requiring bariatric services, including surgery, must be referred by their physician to one of Ontario’s Regional Assessment and Treatment Centres (RATC) for evaluation.

To learn more about Ontario’s bariatric registry please visit the link provided below:

U.S. Preferred Providers: Bariatric Services

If a specialist from an Ontario RATC determines that a patient is a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery that cannot be performed in Ontario, the specialist has the option of submitting an application for out of country (OOC) prior approval.

Please Note: Applications for OOC bariatric surgery will only be processed by the ministry if the prior approval application has been submitted by a physician working at an Ontario RATC.

To obtain a list of the OHIP funded providers of bariatric services in the U.S. please visit the link provided below:
U.S. Preferred Providers

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