Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP)

Prequalified Organizations

This information applies to health care agencies, retirement homes, workplaces and other organizations (e.g., educational institutions, shelters, private hospitals, paramedics, etc.) that successfully completed the prequalification application process for the 2017/2018 UIIP. Specifically, the following provides information to health care professionals who plan to hold either a reimbursable influenza immunization clinic OR a non-reimbursable influenza immunization clinic:

Information for Reimbursable Clinics

Community clinics may be eligible for $5.00 reimbursement for each dose of publicly funded influenza vaccine administered at the community clinic.

As per paragraph 37 of the Prequalification Form, reimbursement for administering influenza vaccine will only be provided to the following authorized public clinic providers: public health units, LTCHs, public hospitals, CHCs, Community Care Access Centres and pharmacies provided that ALL of the following conditions are met:

Reimbursement using the Vaccine Utilization Invoice Reimbursable Clinic Form

The Vaccine Utilization Invoice Reimbursable Clinic form should be completed in order to receive reimbursement for influenza doses administered in a reimbursable influenza immunization clinic. As a condition of receiving publicly funded influenza vaccine for administration and to ensure invoices are processed, all sections of the Vaccine Utilization Invoice Reimbursable Clinic form must be completed, including authorization signatures.

Completed Vaccine Utilization Invoice Reimbursable Clinic forms must be submitted to

Note: The authorized signing officer must be a regulated health professional as regulated by the Regulated Health Professions Act.

Information for Community Health Centres (CHCs) Only

With the expansion of primary care services, the number of new satellite community health centres (SCHCs) has increased across the province. Please be advised that reimbursement for influenza immunization clinics held by SCHCs, will be sent to the lead CHC. Satellite sites should contact their lead CHC prior to the implementation of the UIIP this season in order to coordinate submissions of invoices under the lead CHC.

Information for Non-Reimbursable Clinics

Non-reimbursable influenza immunization clinics can be held by health care agencies, workplaces, retirement homes and other organizations that have prequalified and been approved to participate in the UIIP.

As a condition of receiving publicly funded influenza vaccine, all sections of the Vaccine Utilization Report Non-Reimbursable Dosesform must be completed where appropriate, including authorization signatures.

Completed Vaccine Utilization Report Non-Reimbursable Doses forms must be submitted

The ministry is implementing enhanced vaccine accountability measures for prequalified organizations that received influenza vaccine supply.  Follow-up with prequalified organizations will occur for unaccounted influenza vaccine doses supplied throughout the 2017-2018 influenza season. Prequalified organizations who fail to provide the necessary documentation to account for influenza vaccine doses supplied may risk continued access to future influenza vaccine supply.

For More Information

Please e-mail or call Service Ontario, INFOline at 1 877-844-1944