Ontario Public Health Standards

Guidance Documents

The "Guidance Documents" are intended to be resources to assist professional staff employed by local boards of health as they plan and execute their responsibilities under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA), and Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS). While the OPHS and associated protocols published by the Minister under Section 7 of the HPPA are legally binding, Guidance Documents that are not incorporated by reference into the OPHS are not enforceable by statute. Thus, Guidance Documents, or sections of documents, which may be referenced in protocols are enforceable when referred to as "in accordance with".

  1. Chronic Diseases and Injuries Program Standards
  2. Family Health Program Standards
  3. Infectious Diseases Program Standards
  4. Environmental Health Program Standards

Chronic Diseases and Injuries Program Standards

Comprehensive Tobacco Control Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Healthy Weights Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Nutritious Food Basket Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Prevention of Injury Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Prevention of Substance Misuse Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

School Health Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

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Family Health Program Standards

Child Health Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Child Health Program Oral Health Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Reproductive Health Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

School Health Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Healthy Babies Healthy Children Guidance Document, 2012, [PDF]

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Infectious Diseases Program Standards

Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices for Personal Services Settings, 2009 [PDF]

Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines, 2013 [PDF]

Guidance Document for the Management of Suspected Rabies Exposures, 2013 [PDF]

Control of Gastroenteritis Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Homes, 2013 [PDF]

Roles and Responsibilities of Hospitals and Public Health Units for Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI) Reporting and Outbreak Management, 2014 [PDF]

A Guide to the Control of Respiratory Infection Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Homes, 2014

Infection Prevention and Control Lapse Disclosure Guidance Document, 2015 [PDF]

Guidance Document for the Management of Animals in Child Care Centres, 2016 [PDF]

Recommendations to Prevent Disease and Injury Associated with Petting Zoos in Ontario, 2011 [PDF]

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Environmental Health Program Standards

Small Drinking Water Systems Risk Assessment Directives Guidance Document, 2008 [PDF]

Drinking Water Haulage Guidance Document, 2008 [PDF]

Response to Standard Exceedances of Lead in Drinking Water Supplies under O. Reg.170/03, 2008 [PDF]

Response to Adverse Drinking Water Quality Incidents Guidance Document, 2009 [PDF]

Beach Management Guidance Document, 2014 [PDF]

Operating Procedures for Non-Regulated Recreational Water Facilities Guidance Document, 2010 [PDF]

Guidance Document for the Provincial Food Handler Training Plan, 2013 [PDF]

Guidance Document for the Risk Categorization of Food Premises, 2015 [PDF]

Environmental Investigation of Legionella in Health Care Institutional Settings, 2016 [PDF]

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