Ontario Public Health Standards

Ontario Public Health Standards and Protocols: Documents

Complete versions of the Ontario Public Health Standards and Protocols are available for download in PDF format below.

Ontario Public Health Standards

The Ontario Public Health Standards [PDF] are published by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care under the authority of section 7 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. There are also 27 program and topic specific Protocols that are incorporated into the Ontario Public Health Standards.


Beach Management Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) Program Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Drinking Water Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

Exposure of Emergency Service Workers to Infectious Diseases Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Food Safety Protocol, 2015 [PDF]

Healthy Babies Healthy Children Protocol, 2012 [PDF]

Identification, Investigation and Management of Health Hazards Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Immunization Management Protocol, 2013 [PDF]

Infection Prevention and Control in Licensed Day Nurseries Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Infection Prevention and Control in Personal Services Settings Protocol, 2015 [PDF]

Infection Prevention and Control Practices Complaint Protocol, 2015 [PDF]

Infectious Diseases Protocol, 2015

Institutional/Facility Outbreak Prevention and Control Protocol, 2015 [PDF]

Nutritious Food Basket Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

Oral Health Assessment and Surveillance Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Population Health Assessment and Surveillance Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Preventive Oral Health Services Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Protocol for the Monitoring of Community Water Fluoride Levels, 2014 [PDF]

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Protocol, 2015 [PDF]

Rabies Prevention and Control Protocol, 2013 [PDF]

Recreational Water Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

Risk Assessment and Inspection of Facilities Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Infections Prevention and Control Protocol, 2013 [PDF]

Tanning Beds Compliance Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

Tobacco Compliance Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Protocol, 2008 [PDF]

Vaccine Storage and Handling Protocol, 2014 [PDF]

To obtain previous versions of the protocols, please contact us at OPHS.protocols.moh@ontario.ca

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