Leadership for Change Spread of Innovation Improvement Methodology Rigorous Delivery Transparent Measurement System Drivers Engagement To Mobilize Our Shared Purpose

Gather input from key delivery partners

Identify and articulate common goal/objective

Ensure consensus

Identify why we need to make the change

Stakeholder support, local or system focus

New relationships and ways of working

Clarifies roles

Understands, recognizes and values contributions

Engages and mobilizes people

Gets the message right—from system, to region, to patient (and across boundaries)

Uses engaging stories on progress and improvements made

Articulates a vision of the change

Acts as role model by engaging, mobilizing, supporting, supporting through all eight change dimensions

Exhibits the right behaviours

Identifies roles

Builds resource capacity to enable change

Shares best practices and leveraging lessons learned

Sharing and spreading the word about the methodology and results of the change

Who needs to know? Who would benefit from doing the same?

Using a variety of channels and media

Celebrating success

Learning and listening to others—receiving

Learning from when things don’t work out

Builds on our skills and knowledge of what’s worked before

Robust and rigorous in approach and delivery

Identifies the process, the people, the change, the results and the value

Uses evidence-based models to create ownership and engagement

Effective delivery methods: project management, LEAN, Six Sigma etc.

Clear objectives and process for visualizing the benefits

Timely, cost-effective and widely understood

Alignment of goals across sectors

Clear understanding of our critical path

What’s the best way to measure improvement?

Accountability and benchmarking

Identifying meaningful and discernible outcomes and improvements

What difference have we made? How do we know?