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Ground-breaking approach holds promise for the future of Ontario's health care system

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Northumberland County has one of the largest concentrations of seniors with chronic health conditions in Canada. Improving their patient experience as they navigate across multiple health services is a priority for regional health and social care providers. That's why they formed a broad community partnership and brought patients and caregivers onboard to bid - successfully - for a trailblazing project conceived and funded by The Change Foundation.

Northumberland PATH (Partners Advancing Transitions in Healthcare): a first for Ontario patients, includes a dozen health and social care organizations, a patient group, evaluation unit, and an IT enterprise. It is led by Northumberland Hills Hospital and driven by the needs of seniors and caregivers who work with providers to re-design services and improve experiences of patients as they transition through the system. Northumberland is leading the way in engaging health care users and families to create a patient-centred approach to health care.

"Given patient feedback, improving the transitions of care in our community has been one of our quality improvement goals. We know we can and must do better in this regard. Our partnership represents a shared vision and commitment to improving patient and caregiver experiences in their transitions." - Robert Biron, Northumberland Hills Hospital CEO.

"The CECCAC, like all the community partners engaged in this exciting initiative, is committed to improving the patient experience in, and with, the health system (we're) striving to achieve the best possible outcomes with the patient and their caregivers at the centre of the care team." - Don Ford, CEO of the Central East Community Care Access Centre.

Northumberland PATH was recognized as a great idea incubating in the health care sector; and is a great example of how integrated care can improve patient outcomes and experience. "Since 2007, The Change Foundation has devoted itself exclusively to helping Ontario create an integrated patient-centred health care system, driven by the needs of the people who use it, and using their experience and participation to design and improve it. We look forward to sharing with community Health Links what we are learning in PATH. Health Links is an excellent step in the right direction, and we look forward to seeing where it takes Ontario." - Cathy Fooks, President and CEO, The Change Foundation.

You can find out more about the Northumberland Path at The Change Foundation.

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