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2017 Minister's Medal

2017 Minister's Medal Winners

Applications are now closed for the 2017 Minister`s Medal Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety.

The Minister's Medal is a competitive, annual award program that recognizes excellent work done by health care partners across the province. The recipient of the award is someone who places patients at the centre of the circle of care while promoting value and quality in the health care system.

This award supports the Patients First Action Plan for Health Care, which ensures that the health care decision-making process reflects the needs and opinions of those that it serves.

The theme of this year's awards is Patients as Partners, which focuses on health system issues being addressed in collaboration with people that matter most – patients, caregivers and their families. By highlighting the importance of collaborating with individuals with lived experience, the ministry is working to ensure patients' voices are heard in health care decision-making at all levels.

In previous years, two medals have been awarded – one for teams working together to provide excellence in patient-centred care, and one for individual providers who have demonstrated dedication, vision and leadership in championing high quality patient-centred care.

In addition to these awards, the ministry is introducing a new award category for 2017 that recognizes the important contributions of patients, families, and caregivers who have enhanced patient engagement within their communities. This award will highlight the many opportunities for patient engagement at all levels of the system and recognize patients as partners in health care delivery.

LHIN Contacts

LHIN Contact

Erie St. Clair

Julie Franchuk

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Corey Wilson

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Nadine Bell

Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant

Laura Botelho

Central West

Tom Miller

Mississauga Halton

Joanne Gougeon

Toronto Central

Michelle Marincic

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Christine Dainty

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Laurel Hoard or
Cheryl Chapman


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Sheila Winegarden

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Katerine Moyer


Cheryl Cheung

North West

Byron Ball or
Jessica Logozzo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Minister's Medal and why is it being awarded?

The Minister's Medal Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety is an annual competitive award program designed to recognize the excellent work done by health care partners across the province. As a competitive annual program, it provides an opportunity to recognize system champions who place the patient at the centre of the circle of care while promoting value and quality in the health care system.

How is the Minister's Medal different from other award programs?

The Minister's Medal is the only recognition program of its kind in Ontario focused on honouring excellence in quality and safety and is open to all health care partners across the province. The Minister's Medal is not limited to any specific sector or type of provider, and is open to all health care partners and patients across the province.

Why apply for the Minister's Medal?

The Minister's Medal is a prestigious and competitive recognition program that highlights the successes of Ontario's health system partners in providing excellent, high-quality, and patient-centred care. Along with showcasing effective collaborations and partnerships with patients to improve Ontario's health system, the medal provides a platform to honour and showcase achievements of health system partners and patients, and allows for the sharing of these successes and best practices across the system.

Benefits of being recognized through the Minister's Medal include:

  • Participation in the award presentation at Health Quality Transformation, Canada's largest conference on health care quality
  • A short video showcasing the successes of the winners and the impact of their work
  • Increased profile across the province and beyond, increasing potential for additional partnerships and collaboration
  • Recognition and increased engagement of front-line staff dedicated to delivering high-quality care to patients.

Have there been any changes to the program this year?

This year the Minister's Medal will be recognizing the achievements in partnership and collaboration between health care providers, patients, and the individuals who support their care. This will include recognizing the important role that patients, caregivers and their families play in the design and implementation of health care programs and services.

Applying for the Minister's Medal – Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Who is eligible for the Minister's Medal?

The Minister's Medal is open to all health care partners and patients across Ontario.

Teams and individuals whose work exemplifies a patient-centred approach, collaboration, improvement in outcomes, sustainability and value for quality of care in the health system are encouraged to apply. In particular, the Medal aims to recognize the delivery of high-quality care that is putting patients' needs first, including a commitment to engaging patients in the design, delivery and review of services.

While Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are responsible for receiving applications, eligibility is not restricted to only LHIN-funded providers.

I am a health care provider/ patient and not officially part of a LHIN. Where do I send my completed application?

If your organization does not have direct contractual relationships/accountabilities to the LHIN, please send your completed applications to the LHIN in your geographic region. If the program/initiative spans multiple LHINs, applicants should send their application to the LHIN most familiar with the program/initiative.

If you are unsure as to how to submit your application, please contact the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care at

What is the purpose of the Notice of Release of Information section of the application template, and how does it affect the application process?

The purpose of this section in the application is to enable the ministry to acknowledge, spread and share examples of high-calibre work through our website and other methods of knowledge transfer from the pool of applications received. Although there are only three awards, we may publicize information from other applications to showcase collaboration between health system partners and the difference that it is making on patient/client care outcomes

I would like to nominate someone as an individual provider champion. How do I do that?

Building off of the success from last year, we are encouraging once again the nomination of individual champions by organizational leadership, peers, or by a patient and/or caregiver. If you are interested in nominating someone as an individual champion, you may fill out an application on the candidate's behalf or contact the individual directly to encourage them to apply. Assessment and scoring of applications will be based on the information provided in the individual application.

I would like to nominate someone for the patient/caregiver award category. How do I do that?

This year in addition to showcasing collaboration between health system partners and individual champions, the ministry is recognizing the crucial contribution that patients, and the individuals that support their care make in strengthening the health system by providing leadership in patient engagement and enhancing the patient's voice. The ministry encourages  individuals as well as health service provider associations and organizations to nominate patients, family members and caregivers. Assessment and scoring of applications will be based on the information provided in the individual application.

After the Submission of your Application – Review Process

What happens to my application after it has been submitted to my local LHIN office?

LHINs will review all applications submitted to their office. The LHIN review will include ensuring overall completeness of the submissions as well as providing input on the quality of the application.

The LHINs will then forward applications to an external, representative selection committee via the ministry.

What is the process for determining winners of the Minister's Medal?

The Minister's Medal is awarded based on a highly competitive and rigorous selection process. Following the LHIN review, applications will be individually reviewed by two members of a representative selection committee composed of front-line staff, clinical and sector leaders, researchers and patient representatives. Finally, an in-person selection committee meeting will be held to determine the team-based, individual and patient, caregiver or family member champion winners of the 2017 Minister's Medal.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be officially recognized at Health Quality Transformation 2017, an annual event hosted by Health Quality Ontario on October 24, 2017.

Applicants will be notified once the winners have been selected.

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