Ontario Wait Times

Ontario’s Emergency Room Wait Time Strategy - Performance Management

To ensure that the goals of the ER/ALC Strategy are achieved, the MOHLTC is implementing the strategy using a Performance Management Framework. A key component of this approach involves the reporting and monitoring of performance through the use of the Quarterly Stocktake Report. The term ‘Stocktake’ literally means to take stock of LHIN and provincial performance related to ER/ALC.

The Quarterly Stocktake Report demonstrates Ontario’s progress towards the goals of the ER/ALC Strategy at the provincial and LHIN levels. It includes publicly reported measures, as well as the system and supplementary measures outlined in agreements between LHINs and the government. It also provides supplementary data to provide insight into current performance levels.

Each fiscal quarter, a Stocktake Report for each LHIN is completed to facilitate transparent performance discussions between the Assistant Deputy Ministry (ADM) of the Health System Accountability, Performance & French Language Services Division and LHIN CEOs at the Quarterly Results Meetings.

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