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Long-Term Care action Line

The Long-Term Care ACTION Line is open seven days a week, from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and can be reached toll-free at: 1-866-434-0144.

Questions and Answers
Information for home care clients

The Long-Term Care Action Line is a service to hear concerns and complaints from persons receiving service from Long-Term Care Homes and Community Care Access Centres (CCAC).

The Action Line offers service in English and French.

What kind of problems can I call about?

You can call with any problems, concerns and/or complaints that you have about home care services or any issues regarding a CCAC.

How will the Long-Term Care ACTION Line staff address my concerns?

The Long-Term Care ACTION Line staff will ask whether the CCAC has been contacted about your concern. If not, you will be asked for permission to notify the CCAC and the CCAC will contact you to discuss your concerns.

Do I have to give my name and address to the Long-Term Care ACTION Line staff when I call?

No. However, the best way to address a home care or CCAC concern is by knowing which CCAC is involved in delivering home care services and to whom.

What is an Independent Complaints Facilitator?

In addition to the Long-Term Care ACTION Line referring your call to the CCAC, callers have the option of speaking to an Independent Complaints Facilitator (ICF) to discuss their concerns. ICFs are located throughout Ontario and are trained to listen to your concerns. If you decide to be referred to an ICF, they will contact you by telephone within 10 business days.

What is the scope of the ICF process?

The Long-Term Care ACTION Line and the ICF process provide an additional avenue for CCAC clients to have their complaints heard. The Long-Term Care ACTION Line has been established to supplement, but not replace, the existing formal CCAC complaints process. CCACs are still responsible for working with their clients to resolve any issues the client may have.

How can I reach an ICF?

CCAC clients who would like to work with an ICF must call the Long-Term Care ACTION Line. At your request, the Long-Term Care ACTION Line will have an ICF contact you. With your consent, the ICF can also contact your CCAC to help work through your concerns.

Home care clients are always encouraged to work with their CCAC first to resolve concerns before being referred to an ICF.

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