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Assistive Devices Program

Types of Assistive Devices funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Communication Devices
  • electrolarynges
  • communication boards
  • mounting systems for communication aids
  • teletypewriters
  • voice amplifiers
  • voice output communication aids
  • voice prostheses
  • writing aids
Diabetic Supplies
  • glucose monitoring equipment and related supplies for insulin users who do not have private coverage
  • needles and syringes for persons 65 or over who require insulin
  • insulin pumps and supplies
Enteral Feeding Equipment/Supplies
  • feeding bags/containers/tubes
  • pumps
Hearing Devices
  • bone anchored hearing aid replacement sound processors
  • cochlear implant replacement speech processor
  • hearing aids
  • personal FM systems
  • teletypewriters
Orthotic Devices
  • custom standers/standing frames
  • custom made arm, leg and spinal braces
  • paediatric parapodiums
  • reciprocating gait orthoses
Ostomy Supplies
  • permanent colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy supplies
Pressure Modification Devices
  • compression garments and sleeves for primary and secondary lymphedema
  • pressure garments and orthoses for hypertrophic scar management (i.e., burns)
  • sequential extremity pumps for primary lymphedema only
Prosthetic Devices
  • conventional body-powered leg and arm prostheses
  • electric and myoelectric arm prostheses
  • external silicone breast prostheses
  • maxillofacial intraoral prostheses (palatal lifts, obturators, mandibular extensions)
  • maxillofacial extraoral prostheses (artificial noses, ears, orbits)
  • ocular prostheses (artificial eyes)
Respiratory Supplies/Equipment
  • apnea/heart rate monitors (rented only)
  • compressors
  • drainage boards
  • drainage boards
  • positive airway pressure systems (CPAP, APAP, BiLevel) (ADP-Registered Sleep Labs only)
  • percussors
  • resuscitators
  • specified disposable supplies
  • suction machines
  • tracheostomy tubes
  • ventilatory equipment
  • cough assist machines
  • oxygen saturation monitors (osm) for children and youth age 18 and under
Visual Aids
  • audio book playback machines
  • braillers
  • computer hardware and specialized software
  • enlarging optical systems, (CCTVs)
  • magnifiers, telescopes, binoculars
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • specialized glasses, specialized lenses/contact lenses
  • specialized peripherals, (e.g. braille embossers, refreshable braille displays)
  • spectacle-mounted low vision and field enhancement aids
  • standard orientation and mobility canes
Wheelchairs, Positioning And Ambulation Aids
  • manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and electric scooters
  • power add-on devices for manual wheelchairs
  • positioning devices (cushions, back and head supports, etc.)
  • dynamic positioning devices (power tilt and recline)
  • forearm crutches
  • wheeled walkers
  • specialized pediatric walkers, strollers, standers
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