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Assistive Devices Program

Mobility Devices

What kind of mobility devices are funded by the Assistive Devices Program (ADP)?

Selected wheeled walkers, forearm crutches, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, paediatric standing frames, and specialized positioning supports for wheelchairs (e.g. seat cushions and back supports).

ADP contributes only to the cost of the most basic equipment that is required for ongoing daily mobility as defined by ADP for funding purposes.

Funding assistance is not available to purchase equipment required for occasional use, to be used solely to travel to and from destinations, used only at school or work, for use in an exercise program, or for social, sports and recreational purposes.

Who can apply?

Any permanent resident of Ontario who has a valid Health Card issued in their name, and has a long-term physical disability requiring the use of a mobility device for six months or longer.

ADP does not pay for equipment available under Workplace Safety & Insurance Board or to Group “A” Veterans for their pensioned conditions.

How do I apply?

Your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist, who must be registered with ADP as an authorizer, will assess your functional mobility status and recommend the appropriate device to best meet your needs. Eligibility for ADP funding assistance is based on established policies. If you are determined eligible the authorizer will complete the Application for Mobility Devices form and it will be submitted to ADP for review.

Will the ADP pay for my assessment?

The ADP does not recommend, set or pay for authorizer assessment fees.

What happens next?

If funding is approved, the ADP will notify your vendor and authorizer. They will then contact you directly to proceed with equipment delivery and follow-up.

How do I get my mobility equipment?

You must choose your vendor before your application is submitted to ADP. We advise you to shop around among ADP Registered Vendors as services may vary.

What if I purchase my equipment before I receive ADP approval?

ADP will only pay the amount approved after the date of approval. If you ask your vendor to order your equipment before ADP approves funding, you will be responsible for paying the full amount to the vendor if ADP cannot approve your application.

How do I get my Power Wheelchair with Power Dynamic Tilt and/or Recline?

All eligible individuals who apply for ADP funding assistance for a power wheelchair that includes power dynamic tilt and/or recline must obtain their equipment from the Central Equipment Pool (CEP) for High Technology Wheelchairs. Requests for the addition of power dynamic tilt and/or recline to an existing power wheelchair must also go through CEP. ADP has an agreement with CEP that requires the equipment pool to provide high technology wheelchairs to ADP clients.

CEP provides ADP clients throughout Ontario with high technology wheelchairs at a discounted price, quality recycled equipment, and a rebate on the client’s costs once the equipment is returned to the pool. All routine maintenance and repair costs are provided free of charge to CEP clients. All components of the system, including positioning devices must go through CEP.

For more information call CEP at:
416-757-2011 or Toll Free at 1-800-395-6661.

Who do I call if I have problems with my equipment?

If you have any problems using your new equipment, please contact your authorizer and vendor and/or CEP as applicable.

Does ADP pay for repairs?

ADP does not pay for repairs and maintenance (CEP excepted). You own the equipment and are responsible for taking care of it.

How much money does ADP contribute?

ADP pays 75 per cent of the ADP approved price. You pay 25 per cent.

If you are receiving social assistance benefits under Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD), ADP will pay 100 per cent of the ADP approved price.

Does this mean that ADP will pay 100% of my costs for equipment/supplies?

Not necessarily. You must pay the vendor directly for any non ADP funding options you may chose to purchase for your equipment. Be sure to ask your vendor how much of the total cost you will be responsible for.

ADP does not pay for batteries for power wheelchairs.

What if I need to replace my equipment?

ADP may contribute to the cost of a new mobility device if:

The amount of the contribution will vary depending on ADP funding you have previously received. ADP does not pay for replacement if the original equipment is lost, stolen or damaged due to misuse. We encourage you to buy insurance to cover these situations.

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